Verona Ze zámku Lešná



1.11.1995 – 14.5.2008


Father: Gammel-Dansk vom Riesrand

Mother: Tootsie Ze zámku Lešná

Hips: A/A




My first real newfoundland. Unique personality with great nature, amazing temper, excellent health to the end. Unforgettable friend, outstanding mother. She layed a foundation for our kennel and she bred a lot of healthy puppies. Thanks Mrs. Běla Sochorová from kennel Ze zámku Lešná for this my good friend.

One episode from her life: I was with her on a show. Back then she was 10 years old. She was waiting in car while I was showing another animal to someone. The sun started to shine so I sent my friend for her. She went with her husband and their friends – 4 adults. 4 adults with dog-handling experience. I was watching them from a distance. 5 people around the back trunk of the car, waving with their hands, but dog nowhere to be seen. One of them came back to me in a great hurry: “The dog doesn’t want to go out from the trunk.” So I went to the car and shouted to Verona from about 50 m of distance. She masterfully got out from the car and she charmingly greeted the others. What happened before I came to the car? I was told that they came to car, opened it and then waited for the dog to jump out like the other dogs would do. But Verona just glanced at them and while they were begging her to come out, she just turned her back against them and she went to sit behind the driver’s seat. No one dared to touch her. She let them knew, what she thinks about them. When I called her, then it was allright and she listened. They all remember this “accident”. There are more stories like this. :-)

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